You can help your child learn to talk

let me be your guide

About the Speech Language Pathologist:

I get excited about relationships, growth, and making as much impact as I can in my brief little lifetime. I like transparency. It's why I started Illuminate Communicate:

  • To provide really good, really fun, truly relational online speech therapy.

  • To connect with and train parents, because I have confidence that parents are the key to significant progress. I cannot help your child as much as WE can together.

  • To shed light on speech therapy options in Indiana by answering questions you might not know to ask about what's around.

Things you could tell your young child about me (so it's not so scary to meet someone new!):

  • I am a mommy (I have 4 little kids)

  • I went to school at my house (which was a BARN!)

  • I teach my kids to read at my house (not a barn!)

  • I feed my chickens and turkeys every morning. They are smelly and noisy, but I like them alot.

  • I help children learn how to use words, share their ideas, and make very silly sounds.

  • I can't wait to meet them!