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Can you homeschool a child with speech or language delay? 

Homeschooling is built for speech and language development, and you can homeschool a child with speech delay or language delay. In fact, it might be their best fit. Homeschooling allows you to tailor your curriculum and your goals to create a supportive learning environment for your children. While you may need something different for your homeschooled child with speech delay or language delay, like homeschool curriculum for children with speech or language delay, you can adapt and pivot for each child, like you probably already do!

Is there a best curriculum for children with speech delay or language delay?

Each child is different and thankfully, there are plenty of homeschool curriculums and styles out there to suit your child and your family. There isn't one curriculum out there that is best for all children with speech and language delays, though there are some considerations that might be helpful when you are picking a good fit. If your child has phonological dyslexia in addition to a phonological disorder (they can go hand in hand!), you may find that approaches that teach phonological awareness and phonemic awareness are extra necessary. 

Can you help pick my child's homeschool curriculum?

There are so many factors in picking a homeschool curriculum or style. It is so helpful to think of the family as a whole, your teaching style, and your children's needs AND strengths. But yes, I love helping families get input on what types of things to look for and how to adapt what they have and love (and have already paid for!) to their child's speech and language strengths and areas for growth. I also love helping you build speech therapy into your homeschool day so its one less event in your daily schedule. 

Did you know that you are the secret sauce to speech therapy success?

Parents are the, IMO, single most important factor. You need equipped with knowledge not just worksheets. Parents are their child's best teacher, so my job is to give you tools and support you from my knowledge and experience working with hundreds of children with speech and language disorders. 

Teach your child to talk clearly and confidently with speech therapy you love to do together with a homeschool graduate and mom as your support.

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