Reasons Why speech therapy at home with us is what you want

1. It can be more flexible and easier than packing up the van (again). Sessions 4x a week? We can do it!

2. A higher level of parent engagement. I am your expert and we are a TEAM!

3. Therapy without masks

4. No missing therapy due to a cold, allergies, or possible contact with someone with sniffles in the past X days.

5. A high level of flexibility in your treatment plan. You are the driving force. See why private pay is great below!

5. Support for natural, holistic care for your child, with recommendations that are "out of the box."

6. A higher expectation of parent engagement. I am your expert and we are a TEAM! (Yes, I said it twice!)

Reasons Why Private Pay May actually be a Better Deal for Your Family

1. It can be cheaper depending on: your insurance coverage, copays, coinsurance, and number of covered sessions. You may be able to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account with your HSA/FSA card. It pays to check!

2. Families with no coverage in their plans (or health sharing ministries) may do better with a private pay only practice, because we have no insurance companies telling us what to charge directly or indirectly. So, we may offer a more competitive rate than some practices.

3. You have much more control. Want short sessions every day? Sessions once or twice a month with a detailed homework program? We give our recommendations, but honor family choices as long as progress is measurable.

4. Your insurance company isn't in charge of when you stop doing therapy. You don't have to show "academic impact" like you do at school. You don't have to have a doctor's referral or Aunt Karen's "Approval" to start! You get to trust your gut as a parent. If we can benefit your family, you can "qualify."

BONUS: Why us? Because you like what you are going to get here, that spark of something different!