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You're worried your child isn't talking clearly or confidently, but you know they have so much to say.

You could wait and worry. 

You could stay in the waiting room.

When things aren't working, you could have to wait for each appointment to ask your speech pathologist questions.

But, you don't have to wait and worry. 

You don't have to stay in the waiting room. 

You don't have to wait till your next appointment to ask your speech pathologist questions.

You can teach your child to talk with speech therapy at home. Get the Speech Therapy at Home Membership to connect with your SLP through text, video, voice chat when you need them most!


Growth happens when you give a good mom the tools she needs

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You can help your child learn to talk.

This can be your story.

"We leave every meeting with Amanda with more confidence and hope for our son’s future. The best part is our son has developed confidence in himself too.

Shared with permission of an awesome mom of a great toddler.

Your child needs your help to talk.

You just need tools and a guide. As a nationally certified speech language pathologist, I have coached hundreds of parents and their children that were frustrated, frightened, or just didn't seem to "want" to talk. When children have been trying to make sounds and haven't seen success, you need an SLP that will pair orofacial myofunctional therapy and build sounds from the ground up, when phonological approaches aren't bringing progress.

My clients have seen confidence, calm, and restored relationship through the communication growth that happens when you give a good parent the tools they deserve. My families see progress and some graduate far faster than their expectations.

You can do MORE for your child because you are their teacher, their advocate, their world. When you have confidence in your next step, they do too. And that is when the magic happens. Let's get you the tools!

Is your child a late talker? Do they make sounds clearly? Don't wait and worry, find out why your child isn't talking talking clearly and get the tools you need to help them share their stories with the Late Talker to Chatterbox Speech Therapy Membership or Teach Your Child To Say Sounds Clearly Courses. Get expert help when you need it and start watching your child's confidence grow! Ms. Amanda is happy to help!